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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Can anyone identify this reg/rect?

This looks like a very nicely made regulator/rectifier that came with the cafe project. As far as I am aware it is fully working,but it would be good to know if anybody can identify it's origins as I have never seen one like it before.I imagine that it is specific for the Guzzi Bosch alternator system or maybe it's for another make of bike?  I guess even some very clever person could have made it in their shed!

Calne Bike Day - A Great Show !

I hadn't been to this bike day for quite a few years after believing it to have become an event for the 'weekend warrior' type of biker. I know, 'each to their own' etc,but I just find it a little tiresome.
  However I think I have been doing the day an injustice by not going especially as it is only 30miles away in the Wiltshire town of Calne. 
   There is a huge amount of bikes that turn up parking up side streets,in the park,shopping precinct all over
the pavements in fact anywhere there is a enough room to put a bike. A large amount of respect should go to the town council for allowing such an invasion and generally taking over, though of course it must be great for the local businesses.
   I think it is possibly one of the best show's / event that I have been to in years with, apart from the usual stuff , the biggest variety of bikes scattered here and there, including the Millyard 8 litre V10,the disabled riders Ducati Monster,bike engined cars and the lovely vintage Royal Enfield V twin (It's a genuine carry cot in the sidecar as I saw the lady rider leaving with the baby in it)  Not forgetting,what I believe is,Henry Brody's 1920's  600cc Douglas  which he still Sprints and wins on aged 77 +

   I hope you find something of interest amongst the pictures !