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Monday, 29 July 2019

Calne Bike Fest 2019

Went along to Calne on Saturday with Pete (V11) and his son Jack (SRX400) and a short after arriving also met up with my friend Pete (on a Cafe build of mine) who came along from Bedfordshire who got very wet, dried out and then got very wet again on his return home.
  The day is always worth a visit  though generally only ever stay 2 + hours and must admit didn't even go and look at all the bikes parked up the hill on the road out of town.
   The Guzzi stand was very popular with just over 40 bikes and I did spot a number of Guzzi's spread around the town
   Anyway here are some pics of bikes that caught my eye.
A build of mine from 18 months - 2 years ago

Don't see many Silks around


Sunday, 21 July 2019

Elektronik Sachse and Motogadget

As my main aim was to keep the weight down on the last build I splashed out on both a Motogadget m-unit - that does away with the need for any relays or fusebox plus you get the wiring down to the bare minimum (even less than on mine) This Sachse crank mounted ignition also has the reg/rect built into it. Of course this all comes at a price with also the slight concern that should one part of it go wrong then you could be stuck calling for the breakdown etc. Anyway, best not to dwell on that too much as with both items being 'made in Germany' that in itself is a sign of quality.........Bloody Hope So Anyway!!

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Calne Bike Fest and Noggin,Nash and Natter

Next Saturday, July 27th is the Calne Bike day- a small town in Wiltshire overrun by thousands of bikes for the day. Always a big variety with something for everyone. 
  The following Wednesday - the 31st is the 'Noggin, Nash and Natter' held at The George Inn on the A350 at Longbridge Deverill - this is just a few minutes from the A36.  This is 95% a classic car event with a good display of  vintage and classic lorries etc in the pub car park. The rest will be in the 2 - 3 fields behind the pub which is also the general visitor parking area. It's very informal with no entry fee - opening times are 'officially' 4pm - 9pm

Monday, 15 July 2019

Moto Guzzi Special and it's not a Cafe Racer

Finally on the road this build, for myself, was built from mostly a collection of parts acquired over the past 8+ years and the Suzuki forks I've had for over 20 - previously fitted to my touring bike. The only brand new parts that I've had to buy in the past 12 months are the silencer, 'Shock Factory' shocks absorbers, seat, Sasche ign, motogadget m-unit, nikasil barrels and some engine parts etc rings, cam followers, breather box and carb filters.                                                                                     The whole point of this build was to make the bike as light as possible and give it a riding position for comfort etc. Anyway on Saturday I called at a local Scrap metal dealers (no jokes please)and they kindly put the bike on their weighbridge. I knew the bike felt quite light but wanted to know exactly and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was at a weight that I'd hoped for. With approx 3 gallons of fuel in the tank - it only holds between 3.5 - 4 gallons - it came in at 180kgs / 397lbs - a modern V7 weighs 182 kgs dry and apparently has a wet weight of 198kgs (436.5lbs)
   I must say that the difference on the road is very noticeable and even in a straight line it just feels.......... different! Since these pics I have dropped the forks through the yokes by approx 8mm and bent the mirror stems down a fraction more - for looks I'd rather not have mirrors but as I get older   my neck doesn't turn quite as freely.....and and

The Boys are Back.........

After 8 days away with a couple of nights at the Spa Race circuit and the rest at a friends in France Pete(V11) his son Jack (SRX400)  and Sean on his faithful 1000S dropped by the workshop last Friday. The weather couldn't have been any better the whole time that they were away and a great time was had by all.