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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Aldous Harding - Trinity Centre

Last Thursday evening we went to the Trinity Centre which is a old church, now a music venue here in Bristol.
    Aldous Harding was a excellent and I believe that she's back in October but sadly that's at the O2 Academy probably the worst Bristol venue for seeing the stage .......unless you get there early and pick a prime spot. 

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Guzzi pics from the 50th anniversary show of V - Twin production

My friend Joe Caruso went to a autojumble near Milan last November where they also were celebrating 50 years of  Twin production

LP at the O2 Ritz Manchester

A week ago tonight we had a night in Manchester and went to see LP. She / the band were great but sadly the venue is possibly only marginally better for the audience than the O2 Academy in Bristol. I guess that we were spoilt by seeing her perform at the students union in Cardiff  18 months - 2 years ago where it wasn't full and is smaller anyway.
   There's plenty of tracks to post but can't resist with the old favourite

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Guzzi - it's not a Cafe Racer - continued

Following on from the previous few posts the project is starting to take shape. There's still plenty to do of course but I'm liking how it's looking. 


Guzzi project continues

Drilled the usual holes in the cush drive rubbers to give the drive train a slightly easier life. The drive plate I lightened some 10 years ago for another project but when I sold that bike I didn't want to risk it cracking in the new owners hands so I stuck it in amongst my spares. I did quite a few thousand miles with it with and no obvious signs of fractures so as this new project is about lightness then it seemed the right time to put it to use again.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Guzzi project.

Finally found some time in the past couple of weeks to get on with my own project. Gearbox is completely together and the engine half done but I'm waiting on some parts. I got the frame in place today so hopefully when I get back to the workshop on Thursday I should get the wheels on etc and looking more like a bike again
Always feels good to have cleaned out
the sludge trap

Not everybody's idea as a good move fitting
alloy timing gears but I'm trying make this bike as light as possible
and I had them sitting in a box.

Thought I'd add some venting holes to let some heat out of the clutch area
for when we get those baking hot Summer temperatures!???

Picked up this excellent condition lightened flywheel many years ago
off of Ebay

Another different Ebay purchase and it'll be
interesting to see how the engine balance is - maybe it'll all have to come apart again to be
dynamically balanced?

Motogadget M unit in place along with the coils