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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Northern Soul Girl Dancing in the Street

Our friend Fran put this on his Facebook page a few weeks ago and just thought I'd post it on here as it's such a pleasant / happy little video and coincidentally the Staple Hill area is just a 5 minute walk from here.
Many years ago we were in a Tapas Bar here in Bristol on a quiet Sunday night when a Spanish tourist suddenly got up and started to Flamenco dance to the background music being played and after 5 minutes her boyfriend joined her. It just put a smile ( before anybody says anything,yes even mine ! ) on everybody's face.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


 Tony's girlfriend Kay showed me this picture a few weeks ago of a hotel that her parents have recently bought in Tombstone, Arizona. A relatively innocent looking photo of the downstairs area that looks like a saloon bar from a old Western. Take a close look at the chair behind the table and make of it what you will.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Italianmotormagazine Lodola For Sale

Adam at Italianmotormagazine sent me a couple of photo's of his Barn Find Lodola that he has decided to sell. It's in a very nice unrestored condition see it here at
  I just hope this link address works this time !


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Guzzi Cafe Special - Square Barrels round.....ish

The cylinder head fins are repaired and the square fins rounded off a little. I had the barrels fine grit blasted at a powder coaters and my friend Martin very kindly took my heads and rocker covers into work and grit / bead blasted those. Last week I gave them all a good clean out with a air line,a cleaning solution and then the airline again. I have also started to clean up the piston crowns and combustion chamber / valves
I first rounded the edges of some square barrels 12 - 13 years ago and that engine
is in my touring bike (languishing in the garage and not been anywhere for too many years)

I am not trying to make it look like a early round barrel Guzzi but just something that looks
a little different

Finally it's out of the Living room
(Madelyn's least until I get my other frame back !)

Before I got them blasted, Martin (my Saviour) drilled and tapped these in the heads for a breather.
 No idea why Guzzi stopped putting this in on the 1100 Sport
It certainly won't do any harm

I also have these in my collection acquired a number of years ago.
Standard 950cc Square barrels properly machined down unlike my filed down ones