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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Las Vegas wedding trip and a day on a Guzzi

I find myself going through my Picasa photo album from time to time and with the weather here being so rubbish for so very long thought some pics with blue skies and fond memories wouldn't go amiss.

   Back in November 2006 Madelyn and I had to go to Las Vegas for our nieces wedding(they live in Bristol too though) I found out a week or so before leaving that Madelyn had also arranged for me to have a day out on a Guzzi. It came after a Guzzi club USA forum request for info about Guzzi hire. A number offers came about for the loan of a bike with just the one from Tim in Las Vegas. Two days after arriving there I was picked up from the 'Strip' by Tim in his 50's Ford pick up. I actually ended up using his friends Larry's V11 for the day. I had a great day riding with them both on virtually traffic free roads in mid 70's temperatures through Lake Mead National park and Valley of Fire State park. (Tim is in the yellow jacket and Larry the red) Their generosity was overwhelming !!
The pictures taken from above are from a set of metal steps that lead to a small platform where you can take a close up look at the Native American inscriptions.

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