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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Norton Cafe Racer Day..........

but no pics from me as I although I set off I only actually got as far as Tetbury, where I'd arrange to meet my friend Pete, who owns my last build blue/grey Cafe Racer. My latest build started to play up a few miles after I'd left home, but thought if it got no worse I'd stick with it. Sadly by the time I was arriving in Tetbury the misfiring had got really bad and arriving at the Tesco's petrol station it turned out that Pete had a flat rear tyre............Oh Joy!
    He then had a farcical telephone call with Carole Nash to organise breakdown, but they had no record of his policy even though he's been with them for 20 years and had just renewed 2 months previous. After about 45 minutes they finally found his payment. It also turns that he has previously recently been stopped by the Police enquiring about his insurance status. I also have another friend,also called Pete, who has a similar issue with Carole Nash that has been dragging on for a few months and has actually been notified on intent to prosecute due to his details not appearing on the motor insurance database which is used by the Police etc.
   Carole Nash certainly is not the Carole Nash of old!
    Anyway, here's a pic of two Guzzi's feeling sorry for themselves 

Nailsea Bike Show - a few pics

Last weekend's Nailsea show was relatively lucky with the weather and seemed to be the busiest that I've ever seen it. Quite a small show, but the pub garden was full with a good mixture of bikes - something for everybody - and for me a few particular stand outs.