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Monday, 9 July 2012

A Project up on the bench

I put my friend,Tony,onto this project Guzzi many years ago as at the time he was living in Boston Lincolnshire and the bike was in South Yorkshire. He never really did anything with it and sold it on to a friend of a friend (who both live here in Bristol) a few year's back. I was offered it few month's ago and bought it and it's been in a friend's garage since. Thanks for that Fran! Tony and  Fran dropped it over here yesterday It was a long time coming,but at least it saved me the petrol money bringing it back from Sheffield .

   Not sure exactly my plans for it yet. The tank had a lot of dents so I have been filling and rubbing back that so it will have to be painted and the early GSXR forks are badly pitted so maybe I'll put on some good ones, that I have,from a leman II. Slab yokes are horrible anyway. Might even put on some cast wheels  and and..................

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