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Friday, 20 July 2012

Not an investment.......just use it!

Here's some pictures of my friend,Pete's, Guzzi 750S3. I got it approximately 9years ago as a very low mileage  wreck (looked like it had been dragged out of a canal) A year or so later due to circumstances I  sold it to Pete who refurbished it  on a low budget (the excellent quality paint job was the largest single outlay) He has been, more or less, using it all the time since then as his daily commute from Chepstow to Bristol all year round regardless of these model's ever increasing value which I think is  great. Sod the investors! 

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  1. Fantastic bike. Good on you Pete. MIne used to look like this when it was my only transport. Still thrash the bollocks off it though. Fuck the profiteers!!