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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sixto Rodriguez - Searching For Sugar Man

We watched a fascinating programme last night - Searching for Sugar Man - about a American singer / songwriter / musician called Sixto Rodriguez who found minor Fame in the 70's seemingly dropping in and out of obscurity. Highly revered in South Africa during the Apartheid years and apparently with a certain amount of success,particularly, in Australia too,amongst a few other places.
   I personally feel that a very great talent has generally gone largely unnoticed............certainly by myself.....even if,as I have been reading,he has had a a little more exposure worldwide in these last few years . Back in the 70's it isn't probably what I would have listened to anyway,but these days it is and even my better half, Madelyn,who rarely likes any of my musical tastes, was foot tapping away ! 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

BSMC Event - 2014

We knew today was going to be the worst day with regards to the weather,but my friend Nick couldn't free himself  for Sunday.We left Bristol in light rain and 50 miles later it was pretty much pouring down with just approximately 70 mls to go..............wonderful ! Somehow we managed to lose sight of each other and I arrived at the Tobacco Dock a little after 9 am and Nick a couple of hours later. We enjoyed a few hours of looking around at the bikes and set back home mid afternoon with glimpses of blue skies. 
  Nick wanted to call in at the Ace Cafe for food and as he was eating we watched the black clouds gathering ..............needless to say we set off in rain  which again didn't let up for another 40 + miles.
   Oh well what the hell, as already had damp feet,arse,stomach,gloves and neck.
 Don't you just love 100% waterproof motorcycle clothing ? 
   Anyway,here are a few pics for now.
This KTM engined bobber and the next two pics of bikes are my favourites
of the show

Simple and sweet looking

The green bike is a Paton

Monday, 19 May 2014

Italian Day at Compton Abbas Airfield

What a busy weekend with two Italian themed events  - Saturday it was Cassington and yesterday Compton Abbas Airfield on beautiful 'Cranborne Chase' Dorset.
  This event was organised by Moto Corsa who are now based very near by in Ashmore.
  I went down with Tony,Kay and  Joe,all of us on Guzzi's.
  With the weather being so good again it was a great turnout and a excellent mixture of bikes.
'Pete's Cafe Racers'
He and this will be at BSMC Event n London next weekend.

This intrigued me...........
Somebody on holiday or a recent import ?

Common as muck today, as there were three of them there.


Roger's GTV recently purchased from Joe's dad

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Italian Bike Day - Cassington Oxfordshire

This small village just outside of Oxford used to host a 'Bike Night' when the numbers of bikes turning up regularly got to 2,000 +  I believe that this just became too much and so the Summer weekly meet came to an end. ?
   The' Oxfordshire riders group' still meet every Monday apparently at the Red Lion pub which is where today's event was also held
   As is the usual way it was mostly attended by Ducati owners and 'Monsters' seemed to be the bike of choice. However, there were a number of older interesting machines.
   What did surprise me, was the quite  large contingent of  Dutch owners and also noticed one Belgian plate and thought that I picked up another accent too
The rear garden of the 'Red Lion' pub



I don't think that I'd seen one before.
Moto Cimatti

Adam's S3 - Italian Motor Magazine -  slightly in disgrace as it has a mysterious
ignition fault problem

I believe that I heard the owner of this 900SS saying that he bought it in 1985 ?
for £1800 and that his mate on the Laverda behind paid £800 for that.
 Those were the days !