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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Michael Kiwanuka at The Tramshed Cardiff

A bit unexpected but had to take advantage of a pre - Glastonbury 'warm up' gig for Michael Kiwanuka in Cardiff. Quite a nice venue and I might be wrong but it looked like the floor sloped slightly down towards to stage? Certainly was better viewing than a lot of venues. It must have been a sold out event as there were too many people for comfort in my opinion plus for the first half hour we were stood in what must have been the equivalent to the commuting time on the M5 for people going back and forwards to the bar - very slightly spoiling what was a great gig!

What a load of old Bosch

A couple of weeks back I handed over 4 starter motors to my friend Pete suggesting at least one or two of them should be good to use on the le man project that he bought from me - the one that I originally included wasn't.
   He got his retired friend, Ringo, to check them out and they gave 2 out of the 4 the thumbs up. Pete then said that Ringo was happy to look at any others that I had, so on Thurs evening on my way to picking Pete up to go to a gig in Cardiff  I dropped off all the others that I found spread around in various recesses of my workshop. Fourteen complete ones and some spare parts - I think that when the conclusion is in then that some money might need to be spent at least on some new solenoids and then some Ebay listing will need to happen - maybe some fully functioning and some for spares or repair?

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Larkin Poe at The Watering Hole, Perranporth

Last Saturday we had a night in Perranporth, Cornwall to see Larkin Poe. A bit extravagant I guess but I particularly wanted to see them live after missing out on tickets for their Bristol gig a couple of months back. They totally lived up to my expectations with a great show from start to finish and being in such a relatively small venue probably helped too. They came on stage at after 10.30 pm bearing mind that they'd got off a plane at Heathrow just that afternoon where BA had actually mislaid some of their guitars - they heard later that they'd been found

Tried to upload two short video clips from the night inc their cover of 'Black Betty' but our old computer couldn't seem to handle the task

Guzzi G5 California

Neil from London  G5 with Cali looks which needed a new clutch due to a oil leak from the gearbox so while there fitted a new return spring made the supplied silencers fit with some welded on larger diameter tube stubs and brackets and also drilled and fitted three idiot lights into the headlamp

Friday, 21 June 2019

The Red Lion, Cassington Italian Day

Maybe not the largest or most varied turnout of Italian bikes the other Saturday but still a reasonable number in the pubs back garden. Possibly the threat from the grey skies was enough to curb more visitors and even though quite well wrapped up it was most definitely on the chillier side on the ride from Bristol.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Guzzi Cafe Racer for Sale

It's finally time to put a build of mine from last year up for sale but just not sure where's best to advertise it. It's based around a T3 frame with a Le man spec engine - cyl heads, pistons, carbs etc.
  All components were stripped and blasted (grit as I wanted a duller grey finish rather than vapour blasting. Engine was rebuilt with new cam followers, piston rings, big end shells, auto timing chain tensioner and clutch. All other components ie. valve guides, rocker spindles UJ etc were in excellent condition. Also fitted new fork stanchions, YSS shocks and tyres and battery were new last year with hardly any miles too. Wiring loom is custom made.
    Nothing particular is overly polished (alloy tank is scotchbrited with lightly polished knee indents) as I wanted the bike to have a slightly used look.

Italian Day - Red Lion, Cassington

It's the Italian Day at the Red Lion, Cassington, Oxfordshire this Saturday 8th June. This is pub garden event (also with parking on the road in front of the pub) and usually draws a reasonable turnout of varied bikes. The village / pub is literally just off the A40