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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides

Has anybody been watching  'World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides' which  seems to be on a constant repeat loop on the Travel Channel  on Freeview. 
  I like watching it because I like looking at the scenery etc but as a presenter I / we find Henry Cole highly irritating,although I am sure that he is a very pleasant in person .
  He mostly seems to pick the most inappropriate bikes for each trip and then moans about their handling,lack of tank range or getting more wet than normal because it has no mudguards.
   He constantly says things like"the road beckons" refers to the views as Vista's,' Gassing up' when putting in petrol and distances as 'Clicks'.  He has had a dig at Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman for having a huge entourage on their trips yet has a follow up camera car and consequently never has to carry any of his own luggage....................I could go on but I won't.
   Anyway,what better excuse than to put some pics up of our trip (I did threaten that I would do this quite some time ago) across the United States. 
   It was back in about 2008 that we shipped our two Guzzi's to New Jersey for a short 3 weeks and a few days trip (you can knock off the few days due to a hold up with getting Customs clearance)
   There was no properly planned route and so no booked in advance hotels. To keep a long story very short we had a vague idea encompassing a few bits of Route 66 and ending up in California due in part to the bikes being shipped back from the Long Beach area.
 When we finally set off,on a Friday afternoon, we headed down towards Maryland where we stayed the night and the next day went through West Virginia into Kentucky for our second nights stop. Then from there we found all back roads into 'Dexter' Missouri 
 That night we had a very heavy storm  and although dry the next morning the forecast wasn't good (we had been weather watching on the news all the time because of the amount of Tornadoes hitting a lot of areas but in particular Oklahoma) Rather than continue West we decided that a little further South into Arkansas was the best idea. We were lucky as even as we rode on dry roads it was like a corridor of blackness on either side of us. We went past the city of Little Rock and a little further on turned right into and through 'Hot Springs National Park'  After we had been riding for quite some while and I'd already gone onto reserve some 20mls previous I started to get a little concerned as all we could still see was endless trees. 
Luckily we came out into a clearing and a petrol station and then half a mile further a small town and hotel.
 Enough of my ramblings for now,here are some pics. 

A weirdo in New York
Oh no,it's just Tony !

Fairly sure this is in West Virginia

In Kentucky ?
All I  remember  is being on small back roads and just before pulling up to
a T junction happened to look to our right

Now I would have said that this was definitely Kentucky though I would have thought
this pic should be before the one above...........I'm confused !
I  reckon it's after leaving the Louisville area on state highway 60

Fuel stop and this might already be in Arkansas.
Definitely after leaving Dexter Missouri
and on our way to Little Rock/Hot Springs

This was opposite out hotel where we stayed (Heavener,Oklahoma)after coming through Hot Springs.
 Sadly it wasn't open for breakfast
We'd had another proper downpour overnight and it was still raining lightly. The only morning that we put our waterproof's on

Next door to the hotel 

Same street and just down the road from the hotel and the Sonic burger place.
We walked past it the night before on our quest for food.
There were no lights on but the front door was open and all you could see was a pair of white legs
sitting in a chair in the hallway.

So you think your house is small
This was next door to the one in the previous picture

Good food!
Already in Oklahoma and the waterproofs were already off and not needed again.
We were just leaving here but upon going in a cowboy was leaving............well he had the boots,hat
and jeans on but no horse.

Maysville Oklahoma

Somewhere in Oklahoma.
Everywhere had been fairly quiet because it was Veterans weekend.
Why everywhere looks to be closed on what must be a Tuesday is anybody's guess

Bet you can't wait for the next instalment eh ?
   Texas and our first bit of Route 66.............whoo hoo !

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Norton Dominator for sale - £2,995 - SOLD !

My friend Rob has to sell his old Norton 99 Dominator Slimline (600cc) After his Dad died Rob inherited it with the intention of finishing the restoration but due to recent circumstances now has to sell.
All I can tell you is that all the Stove enamelling has been done,although the petrol tank needs redoing.Most of the chrome is in excellent condition apart from the exhaust pipes.
The engine fitted was rebuilt in 1986 but has never been ran.
There is a spare petrol tank and stripped engine included.
The only parts missing are a wiring harness and a few nuts and bolts
For more information give Rob a call on -  mobile 07791615210   ( Bristol area)

Rob has had a Norton Owners Club member view the bike who suggested that a more realistic price to offer it For Sale at is £2,995

Monday, 6 January 2014

Run Rabbit Run

Joe sent me this Youtube clip which my first thought was "how is this going to be very funny" and then I watched it...............Hilarious !

Moto Guzzi Black Roadster..........Oh Bloody Hell !

I have had a mysterious light tapping on the right hand side of my Black Guzzi for a few months now.
I took it for a MOT back in September and it was fine and a couple of days later I went out on it and it started. It really was hardly noticeable under all the other Guzzi noises but a month or so later it became more noticeable and at speed too but didn't sound serious. I was expecting a badly worn cam follower or rocker spindle or.....?
  Anyway.I took the right hand head,barrel etc off and could not find anything as yet, except a couple of tiny pits on the high point of the cam lobe on the inlet and a little pitting on the corresponding follower.
  What I did notice was that the con rod was staying put when normally it should move very freely. Moved it about whilst turning the crank to find tight and loose spots.
  I took the sump off today and removed the con rod bolts to find what you see in the pics below.
 My friend Martin reckons it looks more like corrosion than wear and I must admit the crank does look / feel to be ok 
   I have certainly opened a can of worms but obviously it's better to find it now before things got any worse.
I still don't know what is likely to be the cause of the tapping noise