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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Moto Guzzi 950

Some pic updates of the Non Cafe Racer build that I'm putting together which seems to be working in terms of some sort of style...........what that style is actually called I've no idea ?
    The petrol tank I had modified some 3 - 4 years ago so it'll be good to see it when it's painted .
  I was going to fit standard T3 / Spada side panels with alloy grills, but think I'll go with Cali II items as they seem to give it a slightly more sporty look.........??
   The exhaust system is only loosely bolted on to see how it looks and think something along these lines will work pretty well with the overall look.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Cutting a seat shape.........

............for local man Mark's T3 / Le Man project.
    I bought the block of cheap foam just to shape out a rough idea ready for a professional seat recoverer to do it properly. It will also have a thin fibreglass base to glue it to and then screwed to the Le man mudguard unit in the same way as the original.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Ducati 900SS Special

For Sale in Pennsylvania USA - a wolf in Sheep's clothing making 100hp rather than the standard 70hp which would surprise a few people when out and about

This is a one owner Ducati 900SS I purchased new in the spring of 1994. Over the years all work and regular maintenance was done by either Fast By Ferracci, Koups Ducati, or Art Corsetti of Blue Mt. Cycles. In 1999 the motor was built into a 944 at Fast By Ferracci by Phil Seiberlich who was Eraldo's right hand man and mechanic during FBF's WSB and AMA campaigns. While there a few other "trick bits" were added. The motor is essentially a rolling showcase of what FBF could do to Supersports at the time while still keeping the bike streetable. I still have most of the OEM parts and they will go with the bike. Over the years a lot has been done so I'm sure I'm forgetting something, feel free to contact me for more details of it's history etc.

I have invested over $20K (including the price of the bike) in maintenance, parts, performance upgrades, labor etc. Price is $8,999

Upgrades etc:

FBF 944cc Piston & Cylinder kit - Heads ported and polished by FBF - Pankl Titanium Rods - FBF Race Series 44mm Intake and 39mm Exhaust Valves - FBF Stage 3 Racing Cam - FBF HD Cylinder Studs - FBF High Performance Lightweight Flywheel - Keihn FCR 41mm Carb - Factory Corsa Billet Clutch - FBF High Performance Clutch Plate Kit - Airbox Conversion Kit with K&N Air Filter - Forza Carbon Fiber Slip-ons - Exhaust crossovers cut and expanded then the exhaust system (minus the slip-ons) was refinished with Jet Hot black ceramic coating - Brembo Factory Corsa Master Cylinders/Levers (brake & clutch) - Brembo 320mm V2 Rotors - Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Brake Pads - Fren Tubo Steel Lines (brake & clutch) - DID 520 ERX-2 Racing Chain - Hyperpro Front & Rear Suspension Kit - Zero Gravity Double Bubble Tinted Windscreen - Reupholster seat (by Sargent) - Upgrade to remote Reservoirs - Fast Company Carbon Fiber Tail Tidy/Tool Tray - Vented Clutch Cover

Additionally over the past 18 months the following work has been done:

1. Change the oil/filter (Motul)
2. Replace the timing belts
3. New spark plugs
4. New fuel filter and inspect and clean interior of fuel tank and POR-15 the interior
5. Bleed/flush the brakes and clutch with synthetic DOT-3
6. Remove the rear wheel and clean/inspect/lube the cush drive pins and cush blocks
7. Clean/adjust carbs
8. Clean/lube and adjust chain
9. Clean K&N air cleaner.
10. Clean the rear wheel and sprocket of old lube/grease/grime and inspect wheel bearings.
11. Check the throw out bearing on the clutch pressure plate/inspect the clutch
12. Clean and anti seize the chain adjust bolts
13. Inspect frame at headstock and swingarm for cracks.
14. Pull the calipers and clean w/ brake cleaner and check piston actuation, dismantle and clean.
15. Lube/ adjust cables including tach and speedo
16. Replace the H4 headlight socket w/ a modern version
17. Replace drain/vent/fuel hoses
18. Clean and apply dielectric grease to wiring connections.
19. Install Powerlet Heavy Duty battery cables
20. Install Shorai battery
21. Install Michelin Pilot 2 tires (less than 100 miles on them)
22. Replace fork seals and fluids
23. Install fuel petcock

Friday, 4 December 2015

BMW Boxer R100 Special

Here are a series of pics showing my friend Martin's BMW Special that he finished and got on the road just a few months back.
   You can see it in standard faired form from when he initially purchased it quite a few years ago,using it as his work commuter (though not until he very quickly removed the huge fairing) and general  runabout. 
   A few years ago,as mentioned previously on this blog, he had a accident when we were on our way to a Cafe Racer day at Jack's Hill Cafe in Northamptonshire.  Luckily he hadn't already fitted the twin plug ported heads because he did some fairly serious engine damage with a large hole in his rocker cover and bent rocker supports etc.
   To a lot of people they might think that it is just a fairly standard looking old factory BMW because I think the styling is still quite subtle.
   The pics will speak for themselves,but here is a brief list of the main mods:
    BMW K75 front end
   Later wheel rims laced to early hubs
  Twin shock frame changed to a Mono
   One off front mudguard
   One off rear mudguard
   One off seat base and remodelled seat
   Early /6 petrol tank
   Plus so much more
   And it goes bloody great !

A undignified return home