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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Calne Bike Day - 2013

Calne was supposed to be two events this year with the original organisers - the Lions Club or Rotary Club - holding their more Classic bike orientated show just out of town at the large historic Bowood House. For whatever reason this didn't happen and it was just the more predominantly Custom event in the town centre. In fact there was a noticeable lack of Classics and also not much,I thought,in the way of Specials.

Shame about the reflection but love the badge/band on this Triumph

Must be a nuisance carrying that jack around ! 

Probably nearly as much fuel in the neck of the filler as is held in that tank.

This Tiger Cub? actually looked even smaller in the flesh
than it does in this pic.

What a beauty !

Doesn't quite work for me, especially that seat unit.

And neither does this !

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sammy Miller Italian Day 2013 - Ducati,Laverda, Guzzi,Morini and more

My friend Pete and I went to the Sammy Miller Italian last Sunday. We couldn't set off til late morning because of  Pete's work commitments so the journey each way meant too much traffic on the roads. Still managed to have quite a enjoyable ride on the 160 mile round trip.
I must say that my recently built cafe racer performed very well and removing the in line external one way breather from the petrol tank meant no fuelling issues so now I should be putting it up for sale. Shame really as I really enjoy riding it but it was always a build to sell on.

One of a few restored mk I leman's in the car park

Ghezzi Brian Supertwin

Amongst a number of restored bikes were quite a few showing a nice patina

All bikes above are from the visitor's car park

All the above bikes in the courtyard of the museum are visitors bikes
entered for judging / prize's

Sammy Miller at the end of spin round the bottom car park / display area on the V8 


All the above from the museum

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Brighton Speed Trials

In a little over 7 weeks time it'll be the Brighton Speed Trials and Ace Cafe Reunion weekend which all takes place on Brighton seafront and to be exact Marine Parade.
  I haven't been for quite a few years,possibly 10+ years and I really should make the effort to organise a trip......won't be this year though !
  I used to organise a small group of us, and we originally went three years running which I think everybody always enjoyed.
  On the Saturday is the actual Speed Trials,a mixture of cars and bikes,old and new and for £10 you could walk around the paddock or just watch for free from the road/pavement that runs above.
  It must be one of the best locations for such an event with the sea as a backdrop and the years that we went we were always blessed with relatively warm weather.
  On the Sunday after all the Sprinters have gone home thousands of bikes converge from all over South East and further afield including the continent. London is only 50 miles North too.
  Here's some pics from what was possibly our last visit
Queuing for the start line of the Quarter mile Sprint and tomorrow this will be full of bikes

The next day and the Ace Cafe Reunion.
To be honest it all get's a little too much. As much as I love bikes
it's a bit of an overload

I seem to remember this as being one of my all time favourites
rather precariously leant on the post of the railings 

A Guzzi from Germany

I can see for miles and miles and................