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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Crunchy Gearbox

 My friend Tony bought a very tidy Spada a couple of years ago with the owner telling him " there's a very nasty noise in 5th gear" Having dropped the gearbox off with me I investigated to find wear on the 5th gear mainshaft and the 5th on the layshaft with also a some chipped teeth on the layshaft fixed gears. There was also some damage to the inside of the casing.
  I took the end cover to my welder with a old bearing half inserted thinking it might be used to keep the basic shape. As it turned out he said " that the alloy welding would react against the steel bearing but that he could insert some stainless tube instead. However as it turned out the tube wasn't the best of fits so a little more cleaning up of the welding was needed than I expected so out came the Dremel.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Mind your heads.........

............and their first taste of terra firma in very many years.
    They actually arrived today and managed to give them a quick look over and quick tidy up.
   The wiring on the le man actually looks very tidy and connecting a battery of mine up showed that most of the electrics worked.......actually just the brake light didn't.
   They will both, in theory, be up for sale in the near future but just not sure whether just to get them running or also do much in the way of cosmetics. The mk II isn't too bad at all but the Cali has suffered as can be seen. Neither has been ran for at least 15 - 20 years and the owner has more or less left the decisions up to me?
   I'd forgotten but was reminded today that the Cali was actually bought from myself in 2000 and I'd bought it as mostly restored but unassembled bike a year or so before that.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Bristol Bike Show 2019

A couple of weekends ago it was the Bristol Bike Show held in the town centre in the same streets where the 'Italian Day' used to be. Very lucky with the weather as the day before had been a total washout and the think the Sunday was a wet one too. 
 It was actually very well attended and a pleasant enough way to spend a few hours.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Guzzi's in the Cotswolds

Met up at Burford, Oxfordshire - as it's approx equal distance from each others homes - with my friend Pete yesterday for a ride around the Cotswolds. I know a reasonable amount of the area but Pete not so much so it was nice to show him around a little. From Burford to Chipping Norton - Shipston on Stour and then headed for Stratford upon Avon but turned off beforehand heading for Broadway. A few miles South of Broadway stopped at The Mount Inn at the attractive village of Stanton and took in the beautiful views from the pub garden. Back to Stow on the Wold then Burford where we went our separate ways.
A stop for fuel in this Cotswold village where the attendant
 fills your tank.

Well worth the stop just for half an hour of looking at the view
over the village and beyond 

A couple of miles further on
is this imposing gatehouse for Stanway House.

Square Barrel Round

Probably 5 - 6 years ago I did a deal with 'Triking' that involved them having a couple of rear wheels and drive plates and amongst my parts from them were a pair of square finned 950cc barrels (inc pistons) that had been fairly radically machined down. Some years before I had bought, cheaply via Ebay,  a pair of damaged  le man 1000 cylinder heads and so the other day I decided get the cutting disc and file out and to do my best to match the latter to the former. The main restyling is done with just the broken fins to be repaired and a little more filing / tidying up.