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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nuovo Falcone up for a rewire

My friend Richard Bailey (B& B's Engineering,Hitchin,Herts) sent me these pics of some work he's doing on his Nuovo Falcone.
Spaghetti Junction 

Drilling a side panel to put in a socket for connecting up his battery as the seat isn't a quick removal
I forgot to add that this is one of a few parts that Richard has made for me in the past.
It's the locking nut for the swing arm pivot pins on my old cafe racer.
Maybe contact him if you need anything similar made for your bike

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Moto Guzzi's & Ducati's.....One Man's Collection

As you can see he bought the Clarke/Raceco Guzzi from me

Just a few Ducati's for good measure

Here are some more pictures from the old cardboard box under the bed. These are from approximately 12 - 13 years ago from a friends collection. We have not been in touch for many years so I have no idea if he still has them. At one time he collected cars,but storage was a little more costly.

Saturday, 16 March 2013


Had a few emails of late with my friend Joe Caruso,who has many interesting projects on the go.
He said that he was going to the Imola Revival in a few weeks time and that I was welcome to go with him,but sadly I can't , though maybe next time.
Advertising for this years event

  It looks like a fantastic event and here are a few pictures from the last time he was there. 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I Thought it was Spring....... like the rest of us in the UK last week was obviously just another blip. A week ago today was bright blue skies 16 - 17 degrees C and there were a few people sitting outside our local pub in the late afternoon.
 Since Sunday we have had bitterly cold winds with the wind chill making it feel like between -5 and 7.
Not going to win any fashion shows.......and yes there's Long Johns under those jeans too!
   This is not conducive to getting in the garage. I tried  to get on with the wiring  on the cafe racer yesterday for a few hours but ended up conceding defeat. It's actually trying to snow here now, though I think this is only the tail end of what they have had 150 miles away in Sussex where people have been stranded in their cars overnight .
   I am going to bring out the big guns - Scots Porridge Oats -. so maybe that'll keep me going for a few hours

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Triumph T140 Special

Martin's (previously posted pics of his home made fibreglass seat base and side panels ) sent me a pic of his loosely bolted together T140 project which is using a Nourish engine top end -heads,barrels,pistons.
He's made up a bracket/brace and had it welded just above the swing arm pivot point,as apparently they have a habit of cracking in this area. The seat isn't actually a seat at the moment, but some shaped home insulation to get the style right. I think it's looking bloody good and is going to be quite a looker when finished and at the rate he is working at that shouldn't be too long.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Guzzi Special

I came across this when going through my old photo's the other week Volume 1-  issue number 5 of a 1989 magazine called Silver Machine - the heart and soul of motorcycling. I have no idea as to to how successful this mag was,but this Guzzi looks pretty purposeful. Built by the then 'Guzzi Overland' owner Martin Harvey.
Based on a early Lemans using  a 850T rear drum hub/bevel box and V7Sport toolboxes and some mild tuning-gas flowing etc with a Dr John 2 into 1 exhaust and a supertrapp silencer. 
I WONDER WHERE IT IS NOW? I have a vague idea that when the shop closed many years ago the owner moved to Australia.

Yamaha SR Cafe Racer

Dell Sara Yamaha SR Cafe Racer
My friend Joe sent me a link to a blog last week 'slightly different specials' to look at a video,but I think we are both too old and not hip enough to appreciate.
 Anyway,here's a picture of one bike that caught my eye the lines of which I thought near perfect.
If ever there was a reason to quote the over used phrase "it looks like it's doing 100mph standing still" then I think this could be it.