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Friday, 29 November 2013

Bloody Painful !

My friend Mark in Hollister (Marlon Brando-The Wild One etc) had a accident on his Cali  4 - 5 months back. Riding home on the backroads in the San Luis Obispo area (Pacific Coast Highway) he came around a corner to find a Off Road style bike coming the opposite way, but slightly too far over on his side of the road. Mark took avoiding action only to find himself sprawled out on the road.
 He still doesn't really know how he ended up off the bike as he said that his action to avoid the other rider wasn't that dramatic.
  I know a lot of those back roads are very twisty,bumpy and gravel strewn but I also know Mark is a very good rider and handles that Cali very well (Tony and I have ridden down a stretch of Highway 1 and some of those very similar back roads with him)
 Anyway,the result was a very serious double break to the Collar bone and a few months off work.Although the bike wasn't too badly damaged he took the full payout as it was such a good offer.
Ouch !!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nourish T140 Triumph - Finding Nemo

Martin decided to have a go at painting his Triumph tank himself using his recently acquired old HUGE compressor, that no only did he get up and running properly again with new parts but also externally restored the outside to as new condition.
  As you can see from the pics he's done a great job,using two pack paint, especially for his first attempt at proper spraying. (ie non aerosol cans) 
Do you get my reference to 'Finding Nemo' ? 

Something else he made month's ago - a engine breather from copper and brass
that he had nickel plated.
Any excess oil is used to lubricate the chain

Friday, 15 November 2013

Moto Guzzi Cylinder Head Fins repaired

I am finally going to get on with my Guzzi project that has sat against the dining / living room wall for the past 18 months.
 Most of the actual frame mods etc have been finished for quite a while and I finally started cleaning up the 1100Sport engine that I will using and also filing round the square finning of the barrels and heads. Also had to get a few fins repaired one of which was particularly badly broken. I shall be getting them vapour blasted too for the final touch.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mojave Desert

My friend Tim,from Las Vegas,took a spin out on his Cali Jackal last Sunday to Nipton California which is a short round trip of 150miles. Not sure if he bought any Lottery tickets while he was there as that is the place he goes if he wants any,as,bizarrely, you can't buy any in Sin City or in the State of Nevada.
No trains a comin'

Arrow straight !

Some Joshua trees over on the left.

I know straight roads like this don't appeal to everybody but I think it would be great to have,on your doorstep, the option of a pleasant 75 degree winter ride when you haven't really got to worry too much about traffic and people pulling out of side roads etc

Italianmotor magazine Stornello Street Scrambler 160

Adam  sent me a pic of his very nice Stornello Street Scrambler 160 a few days ago which he has recently finished and which is now ready to sell. so contact him below