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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Guzzler Cafe Racer

My cafe racer that I built a couple of years back. I sold it towards the end of 2011 and it went to Australia
This bike was also featured in Issue 2 of  ITALIANMOTOR magazine and on the 'Bike Exif' website in October 2010

Guzzi's from Australia

When I had the 950cc single seater listed on Ebay this chap CJ,in Australia  was interested in buying it. He obviously didn't, but amongst our friendly emails he sent me some pics of his black V7 and of some of his friends bikes. They all look so good I thought I would post some of them up. There are a couple of others that I would like to add though I can't seem to locate them on the computer at the moment

Friday, 29 June 2012

Projects !!

Here's some pictures of some tank and seats that I have lined up for my next two or three projects but could really do with making room by selling the single seater. It didn't sell via Ebay the other week which was surprising because of the amount of interest shown. I thought it was fairly priced for something that was a little different from the norm. 

     Anyway I can still make some sort of room which won't be ideal but needs must etc......The only one that I really have a plan for  is the long MV style alloy tank and the fibreglass seat that I have cut in half to widen. This will be for my own personal project whereas the others will be to sell on. The frame in the foreground of the third picture is something I had modified (still a little more to do) 8 - 12 months ago now. The rolling chassis that I bought as a project a few months back coincidentally had already had the same type of frame mods done though I did have to get another set of the rear brackets made

Friday, 1 June 2012

C30,C60,C90 GO

Had a bit of a sad day clearing out my old cassettes that I recorded over a 25+year period. Didn't quite go to plan as I still managed to give at least 90 of them a reprieve.Only have a CD / cassette player in the garage so will have to have some nostalgic moments whilst working on the Guzzi's. 

   Oh well at least the space under the bed hasn't gone to waste as there are now two late type new deep sumps, a rear spoked hub and a front hub complete with spokes under there......... which has helped make room in the dining area where hopefully the rolling chassis of my own project might mysteriously materialise

Moto Guzzi Single seater

I have to start somewhere with this blog and this seems as good a item as anything.....why? because it's a bike that I put together and I am selling it.....wel hopefully I am as it's listed on Ebay.
   It's based on a 1100Sport chassis/running gear with a Spada III motor in place of the original. I bought the donor bike for the big engine to put into a forthcoming project. It was cheapish,scruffy round the edges with the carbs missing. On the plus side it is apparently fitted with Carrillo rods and balanced.

Anyway back to the bike in the pics which is self explanatory I guess. I wasn't really sure what sort of response to expect but at the moment it's looking fairly positive with even one interested person from Australia (It's where my Guzzi cafe racer went to which I sold just before last Christmas.
     The proof will be in getting a sale of course !!