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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bristol Auto Italia Day 2014

I have been down to the Italian Day this morning in the City centre, only staying a couple of hours.
If you like Italian cars and bikes then it's well worth a visit,but after a few years of attending it is fairly predictable. I am not knocking it - it's FREE - though if it wasn't on the doorstep maybe I'd  not bother every year. 
 I'd just like there to be more modified and older bikes there.


Fiat Dino


Imposing,but not my cup of tea

I thought this new Alfa Romeo good looking though

A friend,Rogers, Leman 1000.
He had a accident on it many years ago at the Isle of Man and so junked the
bodywork etc.
I don't think there was ice creams and cold drinks in the Top Box ? 

As ever, a sea of Ducatis 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Guzzi project seat unit

I made a seat squab out of fibreglass for my latest project the other day which looks like it'll do the job nicely. As the seat base isn't flat I didn't even consider a thin pece of alloy sheet. 
 A messy little job and a wonder that I didn't end up with my hand stuck to my head or some other part of the body. Still finding the odd strand of fibreglass stuck to the paving slabs in the back garden though.
Seat squab and seat unit

Although the seat unit was made for a Guzzi frame it wasn't really wide enough,
so I had to cut it half and widen it by  10 mm or so.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

BMW R100 GS FOR SALE............ £1500...... a Bargain !

A friend Andy is selling his very tidy BMW at what most would consider a bargain price....................and I think that it could possibly already be sold.
  He lives near to Southampton here in the UK.
  Send me a email to John -   - and I'll find out.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Martin's refurbished Milling good as New,if not even better !

 A few months ago I posted some pics of a 1970 Milling machine that I gave my friend Martin a hand to collect. A lot of people would have probably just given it a wipe down with a oily rag,but Martin,as with his bike,likes it to look good too before pressing it into service.
All 3/4 of a ton of it before dismantling to get into the
'Hire' van 

Wow !

Many hours of moving other machinery around
to find it's spot in the corner.
"Now,where did I put that LONG list of items that I need making?"