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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I have had this up on the bike lift for a few weeks now and apart from taking the wheels off and then just the other day removing what there was of a wiring loom I have actually spent a lot of time just looking at it thinking of my options for a style. The alloy seat unit that came with it didn't sit quite right and showed too much of the kick up of the modified rear frame section. I also didn't like the straight line of the seat edge. Thought I was going to have to get the rear loop re-done,but I think that I have 'killed two birds with one stone' by giving a little more shape to the seat edge which in turn means the unit can now sit lower covering  most of the offending frame tubing...................BINGO  as I think thais was the incentive I needed to get moving with it !


  1. Did you chew your way through that supasize tin of Quality Street for that eureka moment? My personal favourite is Orange Creme (orange metal flake wrapper).

  2. Adam,Maybe you should use the wrapper as inspiration for the paint job on your leman II project! John

  3. Not a bad idea - I need inspiration from somewhere..