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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Out and about on the 'single seater' Guzzi

As you might know from my very first blog posting a few weeks back, as much as I had loads of 'supposed' interest in this Guzzi,on Ebay, it didn't actually sell. I decided a good move would be to insure it so that I could tax it and ride it around occasionally while waiting for some good weather before listing it again. I haven't been that far,but for a little blat over to my friend's Pete's in Chepstow and I had to nip into the town centre today and took the opportunity to take a few pics down at the dock's area. It goes well and is not quite as uncomfortable as I thought it might be, though it's not at it's best in town traffic. I am not even sure that it has the whine in 5th gear that I originally thought it had. Yeah,I know the number plate needs changing!

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