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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Josh Ritter - St Georges Bristol

I am meeting up with my friend Fran this evening to go and see Josh Ritter at St Georges (originally built as a church in the late 1800's) which is in the centre of Bristol.
I have four of his albums,including his latest, but my favourite is still The Animal Years

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Moto Guzzi V7 Sport project and other stuff

When I took Pete's S3 back to him today I was able to catch up with what else he has been up to.
Originally he was going to build a V7 Sport replica and then 18 months or so ago he acquired a genuine V7 Sport frame,engine,gearbox and swing arm and then a mild obsession started.
   He's managed to purchase a pair of drum brake wheels,drivebox amongst other parts from the USA and Italy (the postage and customs fees from America were fairly crippling)  HE IS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR SOME DRUM BRAKE FORKS OR AT THE VERY LEAST THE BOTTOM SLIDERS.
As you will see from the pics below Pete has some clever solutions and a few good contacts.
Struggling to find original tool boxes he bought some
850T ones and removed the lids.

Contacts at work - a friend made a former and this was pressed out.

Once painted and fitted would anybody spot the difference?

 Pete needs some welding done on the underneath of his
Austin Healey Sprite

In the past few months Pete has had a few ideas to turn his Mille into a more practical 'go to work ' bike.
One idea was putting on a Spada fairing ,tank etc,the other a Leman III (He has the parts for both)
Now he's been sidelined with the original parts that he'd had painted years ago for a V7 Sport type /replica
that he was planning before getting his hands on the genuine frame etc.
The flip up rear mudguard is made from a T3 item

He bought the leman I tank (with aircraft filler cap) from me years ago.
John Williams replica V7 Sport side panels with V2 logo
Race silencers which I sold him ages ago that he has just had baffles put in.
I'll be interested to hear those as they were incredibly loud originally.

Moto Guzzi S3

I had my friend Pete's Guzzi S3 here for a couple of days to service it - check valve clearances,timing and all oil's and filter and to take it for a Mot. Not sure why really as he is more than capable himself, but I think it was just a time factor.
He actually bought it off of me 13 - 14 years ago as a very low mileage (12,000mls +) but rusting hunk of metal looking like it had been pulled out of stream. 
Over the years he has piled on the miles as he uses it for commuting from Chepstow to Bristol all year round.
The clock might read 25,000+ miles (this is the original) but has had another fitted for a time which has another 25 -30,000 on it plus he has over the years had plenty of other bikes pass through his hands.
Not quite standard but who cares !

Ultimate Bike Paint of Keynsham paintwork has stood up well
as has the 36 -37 year old paint on the top yoke.

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Bike Shed Eevent

I went to the Bike Shed Event in Shoreditch, London yesterday. Dutch,the organiser of the event,had originally offered me space to display one or two of my bikes but I couldn't commit to the weekend.
Anyway,if you like 'Specials' of all shapes, sizes,makes and models then it's really worth a visit.
Relatively easy to find on a bike - I went more or less straight to it - Euston,St Pancras and Kings Cross stations are not too far away too.