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Sunday, 16 February 2020

Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble

It's the second Scramble of the year on April 26th. I've only actually been once a few years ago now and it was a great event. Now it's become a lot more popular I believe and tickets prices have gone up but still well worth a visit / great value for whats on offer. You have to pre book and the 50% discounted tickets have already sold out and fairly sure it won't be long before the '25% off' ones all sell too. If you have the slightest interest in older cars then you should really try to go. Also in a great setting of a WWII bomber command base.

Guzzi Le man 1 has been in hibernation since 1993

Local man Garry Le man in need of recommissioning - Carbs have been stripped and cleaned hopefully without needing the ultrasonic treatment and the whole brake system is now fully functioning. Wheels are with the powder coaters but that could be two weeks before getting them back. Still plenty to do checking the electrics, removing exhaust system to clean and repaint and repairing both bottom lugs on the side panels.


Saturday, 8 February 2020

Durand Jones and the Indications

My friend Mark, in California, and myself quite often swop music suggestions and a few weeks ago he came up with Durand Jones. I listened to one track and was sold then listened to a couple more and within two days had ordered the cd - American Love Call 

Moto Guzzi x 2

My friend Pete's Le man project (actually a le man II) that he bought from myself and although more than capable of doing the work himself  presently he's got too much going on to finish off so I've made up and fitted brake lines, installed pistons/seals,fitted carbs and got it running etc. I'd probably never think about a yellow paint job but really like it and once the bikini fairing is fitted reckon it'll set it off a treat. I did even wonder if the mustard/gold wheels might be too much with the yellow paint but think it all works and his self anodised engine etc. 
  The other is mine but haven't got very far with this except having to get one of the silencers cut and shut as the upswept angles were slightly different plus make some new brackets for them to hang from. Although this is a le man II frame and crankcase the heads are small valve items and I'll be fitting 30 mm round bodied Dellortos 

Desmo Guzzi Heads

   Came across this old catalogue from 10 + years ago showing this Desmo head conversion. Since posting pics on my moto nero Facebook page have discovered that they were actually made by the then German Guzzi specialist Moto Spezial but was also told that they were never truly developed and did not work - still look very impressive though!

Martin the prolific project man

My friend Martin sent me these pics a few weeks back of his progress with his hardtail BSA project. With a eye for detail as ever he has finished off the frame ends beautifully and when he's made up a few more brackets will be getting it all brazed. He'd normally do this himself but has ran out of oxygen and it's not easy to acquire .............especially when your his age ha ha!!
  He also made his own tube bender too of course.


Saturday, 7 December 2019

Moto Guzzi S3

I've made some good progress with the S3 - Replaced the mesh for the air filter, fuel pipe and stripped the starter motor cleaned and re - greased relevant parts and now it's functioning perfectly.
  Also repaired the seat hinge for flip up mudguard
  I changed the oil and filter and the sump was pretty clean indicating a good service record.
    Took the bike for a quick spin to warm up the gearbox and drive box oil (ready to change) albeit very cautiously, as the workshop is surrounded by farms etc, the roads were damp. muddy and the tyres are 22+ years old. The bike felt great and so decided to take it that little bit further to a stretch of road that has a very long, relatively traffic free straight stretch. Sure enough it just confirmed how good the bike feels and the engine just wants to go like a dog on a leash!  I guess that the short stroke motor maybe helps but I'm wondering if it has something like a P3 cam fitted?  If  I can get my hands on the Classic Bike article on this particular bike then maybe that would reveal such details?
   The owner of the bikes is suggesting that we wait until the end of Jan / Feb to advertise them unless anybody makes a reasonable offer in the meantime.