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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Workshop space

The space in my workshop currently looks like this - Nick had his very tasty Guzzi delivered by courier last week as it's in need of some work and my own current project has sat unattended to for over a month as I've had family things going on. It'll be good to get back onto things and I'm just hoping the weather stays relatively mild post Christmas / New Year as the workshop is not the warmest of environments.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Rondine Guzzi by Medaza Cycles

I know that this bike has been doing the rounds on the internet, magazines, shows etc for a good few years now but my friend, Mark, from Hollister was down at his sisters in Orange County for 'Thanksgiving' and decided to visit the Peterson Automotive museum.  The Guzzi was displayed amongst just a small number of other motorcycles and I just thought that these close up shots were well worth posting on here.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

John Grant at the Bath Forum

Following on from Turin Brakes, at the end of October we went to see John Grant at the Bath Forum. I've been a fan since his first solo album 'Queen of Denmark' and I've bough each follow up album since. Since his first album he's introduced more songs with a 80's electronic beat and although I have a preference to his mellower songs the whole gig was brilliant. He played for approx 2 hours and live the electronic beat just totally worked, along with great lighting and at times visuals on a back drop.
   He's touring the UK again in 2019 

Turin Brakes at the Cheese & Grain

Back at the start of October we went to see Turin Brakes at the Cheese and Grain in Frome, Somerset. I'd liked Turin Brakes since buying their album 'Ether Songs' all those years ago and although on the strength of that I bought two of their earlier albums I wasn't a avid follower and Madelyn really hardly knew their material at all. I bought their latest album 'Invisible Storm' just a few days before the gig and although I liked it, listening to it on the way to the Frome Madelyn wasn't overly impressed (Admittedly a cheap car stereo isn't the best way of listening to any music) Anyway what a Great band to see live and we are both looking forward to their next tour as for certain we'll be in the queue.
  The Cheese & Grain is a really good venue too so we'll be keeping an eye on any future gigs there.

And ..........more brackets

Made some progress - the GSXR forks are apart,dropping the sliders and yokes (cleaned up the casting marks etc) off for powder  coating and I'll be fitting some progressive springs when rebuilding. The caliper arrived a few days ago and have made a bracket to suit - probably try and give it a better look - and had the disc carrier machined down. Shear plate (support between engine and frame) virtually done though needs tidying up.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Guzzi project

Virtually all the brackets I made are now in place although the l/h rear side panel bracket is a whole hole width out so I'll have to cut that off and have re-welded back on. Of interest to some maybe, the modified frame weighs approx 3.75 kgs less.

The thin flat plate is for the proposed
Elektronik Sachse ignition box

850T / 750S look-a-like

Finally got round to looking at the 850T last weekend and was pleasantly surprised when I got a reaction out of it (a few months back there wasn't even a click from the button) No idea what changed as I was expecting to spend a hour or two chasing a fault. Anyway, after a couple of new plugs, realising the correct position for those old style square bodied taps it fired up and within minutes settled down to a nice tick over. I took it for a very short spin and all seemed well even if the engine did seem mechanically quite loud though I wasn't too concerned. Yesterday I decided to check the valve clearances and onto the l/h side I was a little puzzled by being able to keep tightening, to get a correct clearance on that sides inlet. On closer investigation I soon realised that I could see a broken valve spring. Took it all apart to find the outer spring in two pieces and the inner in three pieces. Luckily I have good amount of spares and soon had it back together fired the bike up and as expected it's a whole lot quieter. In my haste though I'd forgotten to put back the stepped locating washer that locates / centralises the springs, so this morning had it all apart again then back together also fitting three 6 mm  helicoils for the rocker covers and all by 9 am.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Making brackets.........where does the time go?

I've been spending plenty of time making brackets. The most time consuming by a long way - 4 hours - was the U shaped one to support the rear mudguard. Part of this time was spent supporting the mudguard in it's correct position so that it was central and the curve followed the tyre as perfectly as possible. Then it was heating up and bashing the ends so they followed the curve in the mudguard when fitted.

Side panel supporting brackets

Loops for securing the tank bag as using a alloy tank

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Sunday Scramble at Bicester,Oxfordshire this Sunday - 7th October

It's the last Scramble of the year at Bicester Heritage Centre this Sunday 9am - 2pm. If you like looking at Vintage and Classic cars then this has to be probably the best value event of it's kind in a great setting of a WWII former Bomber Command base. A good deal of the old buildings are now Classic car businesses - Sales, Restoration, Racing etc - and the day is best described as a Open Day where you can walk in and look around. Even more classics turn up as visitors. The site is huge so you definitely need a good few hours to fit it all in. And all for approx £6 per person pre booked or £8 on the gate. Check on their website for more accurate details.
    Here are some pics from a few years back.

Westonzoyland NSA Sprint this weekend - 6th and 7th October

It's the last sprint of the year at Westonzoyland, Somerset this weekend. Watch for free and walk round the paddock. Food and drink stall on site etc

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Norton Cafe Racer Day..........

but no pics from me as I although I set off I only actually got as far as Tetbury, where I'd arrange to meet my friend Pete, who owns my last build blue/grey Cafe Racer. My latest build started to play up a few miles after I'd left home, but thought if it got no worse I'd stick with it. Sadly by the time I was arriving in Tetbury the misfiring had got really bad and arriving at the Tesco's petrol station it turned out that Pete had a flat rear tyre............Oh Joy!
    He then had a farcical telephone call with Carole Nash to organise breakdown, but they had no record of his policy even though he's been with them for 20 years and had just renewed 2 months previous. After about 45 minutes they finally found his payment. It also turns that he has previously recently been stopped by the Police enquiring about his insurance status. I also have another friend,also called Pete, who has a similar issue with Carole Nash that has been dragging on for a few months and has actually been notified on intent to prosecute due to his details not appearing on the motor insurance database which is used by the Police etc.
   Carole Nash certainly is not the Carole Nash of old!
    Anyway, here's a pic of two Guzzi's feeling sorry for themselves 

Nailsea Bike Show - a few pics

Last weekend's Nailsea show was relatively lucky with the weather and seemed to be the busiest that I've ever seen it. Quite a small show, but the pub garden was full with a good mixture of bikes - something for everybody - and for me a few particular stand outs.