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Monday, 23 February 2015

New Workshop Space

Due to circumstances I have not been very active with any bike projects or garage work of any description  for the past 4 - 5 months which has been frustrating. Hopefully that can now start to change when I  finally get everything in place. I have even managed to find a spare 20 minutes to remove the standard tank,seat and mudguard from a Spada and to replace with a modified tank,Harley seat and s/s rear mudguard to give me a inspiration boost for a long planned Non Cafe Racer project that I can get on with while carrying on with my long overdue main Cafe style Guzzi.
   My unit is approximately 12 miles South of Bristol just off of the  A370 road to Weston Super Mare.
  If anybody is looking for general servicing work on their Lemans,T3 Spada etc inc clutch renewals, fitment of elec ignitions etc then get in touch. I would also,in the very near future,be happy to take on full standard rebuilds and  building of Guzzi Specials.
    Contact: John 
       tel:        01179600433     this number might change in a weeks time and will update if need be

I have a few projects already

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Friday, 6 February 2015

When is a piece of floorboard ...............

..........not simply just a piece of floorboard............When it's a Jamie Oliver Super Long Serving Board of course !
  Cut to size,stain it,drill a hole ,put in a metal insert and tie a short bootlace thin piece of leather.............. Oh Yes and don't forget to stamp your name in the corner and put on a cardboard information sleeve with a picture of yourself for good measure. That'll be £24.99 (RRP)
   At least he's not promoting off the shelf Stock Cubes like another certain Celebrity Chef.