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Monday, 29 May 2017

The Bike Shed Event 2017

I went with Nick on Saturday and had a steady slog down the M4 to London in the greyness that is a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. We got a little wet though not quite as much as I was expecting making good time to Heston - Bloomin' eck - 'how much' services. Still another 45mins + to the Tobacco Dock.
   Another great display with more bikes than previous years with just a little concern that a lot of them are becoming show pieces rather than something that your likely to see on the open road. Still incredible attention to detail, fantastic finish and amazing to look at though!
    Here's a few pics to be going on, with more to post in the coming days  / week.

Not my sort of thing, but clever paint to match the seat

I dread to think how much some of the paint jobs cost!

The one behind is a tribute to Burt Monroe

Nick's lovely Special.

Good old Burt,but not the genuine thing

Who cares about practicality.
I could live with this in my Barn conversion hallway.........
just got to win next weeks lottery for either first!

Not sure if it's built for a specific purpose or just because....
.......they could?
It could be next to the other one in the hallway though!

Stopped for a pint at the lovely Trout Inn at Lechlade on Thames
on our
across country route home.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Guzzi Cafe project wiring..... now finished since these pics were taken and everything seems to work which is a bonus.
   Hopefully get the bike started this week using a remote fuel reservoir and see if it's charging etc. It'd be good to get it to the ready to use stage by the time that the painted bodywork comes back

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Ride Culture Show - Bristol

It was fairly quiet on the Friday evening and although I didn't go on the Saturday, until picking my bike up, apparently it was a busier day with more bikes being parked in the courtyard too
Not sure what the idea was behind
these wooden structures

BMW had a stand with 4 or 5 variations
on the R9T

Some very nice Classics on the Friday evening

This cafe / diner is open all week and nothing to do with the
'event' space
Lovely cup of coffee and very friendly owner / staff 

Friday, 12 May 2017

A New Bike Show in Town

There's a new bike show 'Ride Culture'' in Bristol this weekend - tonight and Saturday daytime.
   It's more along the lines of Specials / Customs etc.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Westonzoyland Sprint

I went to the Westonzoyland (NSA) Sprint today which is quite a pleasant hour + ride away past Glastonbury and Street. A unusual sight for this event was a BMW twin which was achieving 11.8 second runs @ 116/118 mph which is pretty impressive. It normally runs with a dustbin fairing (not allowed due to not having any lock stops fitted) which could well have knocked another second or maybe two off the time.