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Monday, 16 July 2012

Two old duffers are let out for the day and it didn't end well !

In the end it was only myself and my friend Martin who went on the trip out to 'the Ton Up Day' at Jack's Hill Cafe which is near to the Silverstone racetrack in Northamptonshire just over 100mls north east of where we live in Bristol. As you will see from the first picture only one of us actually made it to the event and it's not me that rides a BMW.

    The cause of the mishap was the fact that neither of  us saw(maybe we both need more than just reading glasses) the signs for a T junction ahead  and coming around the bend I braked and behind me Martin braked and also tried to take avoiding action to stop running into the back of me clipping a kerb in the process. Luckily he wasn't injured and apart from the rocker box most of the bike damage was fairly superficial. Sadly after the high expectations on getting out for the day he had to be taken home on the back of a low loader. Well, I believe the driver actually let him sit in the cab too! Although the day was marred by this happening after waiting with him to be picked up I carried on and so here are some pics. There were not a lot of Guzzi's or Italian bikes in general and quite a mixed bag overall.


  1. Damn - hope Martin was ok? What happened? Looks like a not bad turnout up there..

  2. Hi Adam, Yeah,Martin was fine although landed not too far from a lampost so I guess it could have been a lot worse. He clipped the curbing trying to take avoiding action from running into the back of me.It's a big event though I must admit 80% of the bikes held no real interest. John