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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Shepton Mallet VMCC Autojumble

Last Saturday we went to one of my favourite twice yearly events held at the Shepton Mallet Show ground,which is  approx 25mls south of Bristol.
  Sometimes I pick up some Guzzi bargains but generally always buy some bits and pieces useful in the workshop like GT85, stainless steel nuts / bolts, aluminium sheet etc................and always a overpriced and ever shrinking in size Cornish pasty.
  For some reason there seemed to be a lot of interesting bikes 'For Sale' including quite a number of Vintage V Twins - some restored,others as Barn finds and a couple of what must have been original 60's/70's Choppers.

A 1914 750cc Bradbury -3 speed,chain drive and drum brake
The above info was provided by the seller.

BSA available at £4,800ono

M21 - £2950

BSA 600cc Gold Star £15,250
BSA V Twin £32,000

All pics from here were out in the car park

See Joe's comment below about some of the history of this bike

I think the 'For Sale sign was asking £12,000

Saturday, 26 September 2015


We went to Dismaland the Bemusement Park last Monday evening getting quite close to the front of the ever expanding queue..........luckily we had tickets for the 7pm entrance so had to wait just under a hour. The next lot to go in were 9pm.
   We all really enjoyed most of it except the novelty of the,supposedly dismal staff and their pretend angry moments.


Monday, 21 September 2015

Sunday Brunch Scramble - Bicester Heritage Centre

   I went with my friends Martin and Paul yesterday to above named event. Bicester is in the same direction as last Saturdays Norton day,but a little bit further north of Oxford. A shame that it was quite cold and foggy for a good two thirds of the journey there, though still a Great day overall and certainly a event we'll be returning to. Especially having recently found out that it's held on a bi- monthly basis. Apparently they also held a 'one off' - maybe it'll become a yearly thing? - event called 'Flywheel' which involved a quarter mile track with the old cars racing round it and, at times,a couple of Spitfires flying overhead.
   The Sunday Brunch is £5 a ticket,but if you are in a pre 88' car or two of you on pre 88' bikes then you get two for the price of one.
   Here are a few pics to be going on with,but as I took so many photo's I'll be posting them over the next few weeks.
  It is mostly a car event with,I believe, the majority parked up outside are individually owned and just there for the day,although as you will see from later pics there are a lot of companies on this site who are Car Restorers,Race Prep or simply Sales 


Petersen Racing Bentley replica
with disc brakes cleverly hidden behind the lookalike drum brakes