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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Scarborough and Whitby - North Yorkshire

Scarborough Bay with the castle on the hill

Not quite Hurricane Sandy,but still impressive and caught a few people out when standing too close

Freddie Gilroy sculpture

At least it makes you stop and think !!

Not enough of these type of buildings left

Vintage fair down at the Spa on the Saturday morning with lots of people  dressed  for the occasion .
Lot's of women in seamed stockings.......not that I took much notice !!
Picture is blurred because it was a sneaky shot - should have just asked really 

Dodgem car radio by Binatone was sold at £80


I want that 'GOOD STABLING' sign to be really old.
It looks like it could be..........

One things for sure those steps are really old and I just love the wear on them.
When I took the photo I didn't even notice the small set on the cobbled side street

The Dracula connection is that Bram Stoker stayed here and got a lot of  his inspiration
for his book from the town and Abbey

Whitby Abbey

Robin Hoods Bay

These stories are fascinating and also make you think
how easy we have it.
Coincidentally there is a very similar event to this that happened  on the North Devon coast.
Can't remember whether it was Porlock or Lynton / Lynmouth
Madelyn and I have just had 3 nights in Scarborough on the North East coast Maybe not the best time of year for such a trip (though we were in the car) with icy Artic winds,hail and rain,but we still enjoyed it.
 Years ago I thought many a time about going up to the Scarborough road races,but haven't as yet .
Years ago

Moto Guzzi S3 on the track at Dijon

My friend Bedwyr and his S3 going round the track at Dijon,France a few years back. A group of friends made it a yearly trip,originally it was a classic bike event  (Coupes Moto Legende.) at Montlhery just South of Paris and then it got moved to Dijon which looks to be 180-200 miles South East of Paris.

 I never went on the trip myself and none of them have been for quite a few years,but apparently a really great event.
The bike is a S3 which has been modified with,I think, amongst other things 950cc barrels/pistons and wide rimmed wheels. I have never ridden it,but believe it to be brilliantly set up bike (Bedwyr is very meticulous)
The bike is also For Sale so if you want any more information get in contact.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Spaghetti Rally - Australia

Sean,who bought my old Guzzi cafe racer emailed me with some pics and to let me know that it won 'Best Bike' at last weekends Spaghetti Rally organised by the Moto Guzzi Club - Victoria

Friday, 19 October 2012

Guzzi Cafe racer........project number 1 update

Decided to use T3 fork sliders partly because of using the standards stays  and the  nice detail touch of the  Guzzi eagle . Mostly scotch brited with a polished top section. Makes a change to have the calipers in front which are all the later single bleed nipple type with the teflon coated pistons

Hopefully I should get the modified (lengthened with a slight kick up) s/s downpipes back soon

My successful second attempt at a clock mount which will have 2 or 3  idiot lights added.
Might add a few detailing holes too. Modified leman II top yoke still needs a little finishing,but again will have a scotch brite finish

Cut down a modern plastic mudguard as get fed up trying to find an alloy item  which is a good fit for an 18" tyre.
I quite like gaiters as apart from doing their job, give a classic look and also the impression of chunkier forks.

Just a few detailing holes 

And some more holes. Should really have cut that small bracket extension  off too as not needed.
Making slow progress,but I had to get the fork sliders blasted to remove the paint (harder to find paint stripper that actually works these days governed by 'health and safety') The blasting revealed a lot of pitting,particularly on one leg, which took a lot of tidying up. Also after cutting out my first Speedo bracket the bloody thing snapped when putting in the bend.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Willy Moon - I Wanna Be Your Man

I saw this fella, Willy Moon, on Jools Holland (I struggle with him,but he has a lot of good bands on)just the other night and loved it ! I think the song he did was called 'Yeah Yeah' but I had to find out more about him and came up with this Youtube clip. Apparently he's based in London now,but originally from New Zealand.
           BLOODY GREAT !!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Retro Tax Disc Clocks

A chap called Clive contacted me a few weeks back commenting on my old Guzzi cafe racer. He also sent me a link to his own website which features his own custom made retro style clocks including,as below, your old tax disc,(these are obviously excellent computer reproductions at approx 8" in size)  plus many other interesting designs. Particularly with Christmas coming up one might make quite a unique present. Take a look -  http://www.topoftheclocks.comTax disc clock 1979