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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Guzzi Le Man (sort of) Project

A short while back I decided to sell the 850T / 750S lookalike (it went to a very good home - my friend Pete's son Jack bought it, even though he can't legally ride it until halfway into next year) with my thoughts being that I could make some space out of my spares by building something with the same period feel. Some 8 - 10 years ago I bought a number of spares, including a le man 1 tank, rear mudguard/seat pan, fairing and T3 front mudguard all in matched paintwork. Admittedly the paint isn't perfect with scratches etc inc a reasonable sized dent in the tank, but I really like colour so want to keep it as is. I also didn't want the usual black frame or silver / black wheels. So impressed with the 850T engine with it's P3 cam that I will probably go with a similar spec engine rather than a le man spec item - not even sure that I have a spare set of le man heads to use anyway. 
  I shouldn't really have bolted this all together yet (not even started the engine or gearbox) but I was keen to see how everything worked together.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Lissie at St George's - Bristol

This was a bit different from the last time we saw Lissie as it was showcasing her most recent album  - When I'm alone: A piano Retrospective.


My friend Pete was at Mandello the other month for the anniversary and here are a few of pics

Classic Car event at Laguna Seca

My friend Mark from Hollister (M. Brando -The Wild One) California sent me these pics a few months back taken at his day out at the above event. Certainly looked a interesting day.


Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Crunchy Gearbox

 My friend Tony bought a very tidy Spada a couple of years ago with the owner telling him " there's a very nasty noise in 5th gear" Having dropped the gearbox off with me I investigated to find wear on the 5th gear mainshaft and the 5th on the layshaft with also a some chipped teeth on the layshaft fixed gears. There was also some damage to the inside of the casing.
  I took the end cover to my welder with a old bearing half inserted thinking it might be used to keep the basic shape. As it turned out he said " that the alloy welding would react against the steel bearing but that he could insert some stainless tube instead. However as it turned out the tube wasn't the best of fits so a little more cleaning up of the welding was needed than I expected so out came the Dremel.