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Friday, 21 February 2014

Moto Guzzi Roadster

Last weekend I finally got my bike, that I refer to as my Black Guzzi Roadster, back on the road after part dismantling half of the engine just before Christmas.
    There had been a light tapping noise,which sounded like it could have been a worn cam follower, rocker spindle,worn valve guide or some other not too serious a problem.
   As it turned out it was a lot more serious when I found what looks like corroded but not worn Big End Shells on the right hand side. I also found the r/h Piston gudgeon pin tight in the small end and a pair of left hand side cam followers that did not want to be removed - they were free moving lower down but very very tight at the top edge and had to be prised out.
   I have just replaced the big end shells on the one side including new con rod bolts. The Small End was only tight for a few millimeters at one edge so that was dressed and similarly the cam follower tunnels.
   The noise has gone and the engine once again sounds very sweet !
The beauty of a Guzzi engine and all this can be done while still in the frame

Spruced up a large part of the engine casing's and decided to have a change -after 8 years-
and leave the barrels silver


  1. Adam, No idea of the cause,though the general consensus for big end shells was corrosion,hence why I thought I'd just replace those.
    The cam follower tunnel was the opposite side and the tight area wasn't within the working area of the actual followers. I have,on other engines,come across a little tightness in this area when removing cam followers,but just not to the extent of these ones.
    As for the small end bush..... ?
    I'll be riding it a little more this year - as the only other bike I'll have on the road is 'to Sell' - so I'll just see how it goes.