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Friday, 7 February 2014

Martin's new / old Milling machine

My friend Martin wanted a navigator and a extra pair of hands (and my exceptionally pleasant company) with collection of his latest Ebay purchase - a very large (3/4 ton) - Milling Machine. He already has a one  but this will be better,that is of course  if he can actually make room for it ? 
He hired a van and off we trundled............. actually trundle isn't a word I should use to describe Martin's driving...........Off we sped to do a approx round trip of 300 + miles into the the depths of East Sussex.
  We arrived safely....PHEW !......... and it then took us approximately 2 hours to take it apart,
All 3/4 ton of it !
The cast iron base that has a pump and a sump inside was the heaviest  and to unload it
the two of us had to push it down a couple of  planks and slip improvised rollers underneath
to get it the 40ft into his garage
Oh how we laughed ,while doing our Back's in at the same time !

Starting to come apart and we ended up with 4 or 5 main items

The cutters - they might look rusty but all the Tips / Edges? looked in excellent condition
as much as we could into manageable pieces........Luckily the seller had a engine hoist to load a few of the heavier parts.
  Martin is already in the process of stripping it down further as he is going to restore it all before assembling it into a space in his workshop...............then his old one will be up For Sale !

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