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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer

A few days after getting my Black Guzzi back together I finally got on with sorting out the Cafe Racer that I built last year.
  After my trip to the Bike Shed Event in London I realised that the Guzzi seemed to using too much oil though it wasn't smoking or seeping out of anywhere. 
   I of course decided not to pursue trying to sell it,as that could wait until 2014. It was close to the end of the traditional biking year so there was no real urgency.
  The engine is mechanically very quiet and with very little wear in the valve guides and decided that new rings should be the answer,which I have done,honing the barrels and fitted new rings.
   When the weather has calmed down and I have the time I will get out and about on it putting on a few hundred mile and check oil consumption. When I am happy that all is at it should be,then I will re- advertise it.
Even though I built this bike 'To Sell' I have become quite attached to it after
riding it around last year

I love this colour !


  1. Hey Jonny I was just looking at the BikeExif top 5 Guzzi Le Mans. I really like the Kaffemachie bike and Matts machine is nice, but any 5 of your bikes could also be there. Keep up the good long as your head doesn't get to big. Joe.

  2. Hi Jonny,
    Very well done! Is there a way to contact you privately for some info about this bike? Can you send me an email with your contacts to Thanks