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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Moto Guzzi USA Trip continued.........

.............. from Chickasha,Oklahoma into Texas and New Mexico
On the 6th day of being on the road we had reached Texas

Our Lunchtime stop was directly opposite
the Jail / Prison pictured below

This inmate was watering the grass

Our very first bit of Route 66 and still in Texas.
We'd not long passed Amarillo and had also gone passed
the famous 'Cadillac Ranch' 

Still on Route 66 and we're heading that a way !

Our  nights stop in New Mexico -'Blue Swallow' Motel
at Tucumcari.
Each double room with it's own garage and a free 1st beer from the outside fridge. 

Oh what a beautiful sign !
The owner is restoring the car too.
All this for $80 a night which at the time was £40

The next morning at approximately 8 am the skies were clearing after a night of torrential
rain,thunder and lightening .
It was our third and last experience (luckily all 3 happened at night) of bad weather

It must have already been 70 degrees plus

On the road again and I try making my phone call home.
Just after here Route 66 halted abruptly  and we were back
on Interstate Highway 40 which runs right alongside a lot anyway 

After a little way on Highway 40 we saw a sign showing Route 66 again,which was
also the turn off for Santa Rosa that we were taking to start heading up into
Northern New Mexico.
Just off the Highway was this privately owned museum

Well worth popping in for the princely sum of $5

Next time......................... up into the corner of Colorado, Arizona - Monument Valley / Grand Canyon

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