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Friday, 21 February 2014

Guy Martin

Just last weekend Madelyn and I discovered that our niece,Holly, worked as a Production Co Ordinator  with Guy Martin whilst he was filming 'Speed with Guy Martin'
  What is odd about this fact is that we see her fairly regularly and know that she worked at Aardman - Shaun the Sheep, with Tony Robinson on the first series of 'Walking Through History' and was last year based in Birmingham with a series of 'Fifth Gear' amongst a number of other productions. It turns out that before Fifth Gear was 'Speed'
  Obviously she know's I love bikes etc so you'd think........................Oh well maybe not !
  Apparently, and as you'd expect, Guy is a very nice and down to earth man.
  Anyway, for part of her Nan's birthday present from Holly, Guy signed a photo of himself which she also took a picture of him holding, to later make into a birthday card for the same Nan  - Yvonne (Nan) is actually a fan of course

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