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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sunday was a day for clearing up and ......

Had to move a couple of bikes out to make life easier
Messy bench

Not a messy bench

Frame parts and wheels with tank and seat I'll be using that came with the project

Ignition switch  hole
making some sense of the mess in my garage (workbench in particular) and gathering some parts together. Amazing how doing something so simple can make you feel  positive. The workbench had been a mess for a while and I kept looking at it and walking away.A delivery of some parts  (inc. g/box shims,gaskets etc) were expected for Monday and also I had a few little jobs to do on a frame including  cutting a hole for the ignition switch and removing all bearings from the swing arm  and generally making it ready for the powder coaters. Now I am feeling motivated,  but the frame will be approximately 10 days before it's ready so on my newly cleared bench I'll be taking a look at some gearboxes.

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