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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bad Luck comes in 3's

I got out for a ride to the Dorset (one of my favourite counties) coast last Sunday morning,but before leaving I'd had my doubt's as to whether it was going to be a good idea. I'd opened up the side door of the garage to find an obstruction of my plastic storage cabinet (multi drawer)on the floor shedding it's contents of carb parts and 100's of  S/S 5 and 6mm nuts washers etc. Gathered it up and dumped it all to one side. Went back indoors, got stuff together and my bike kit on only to go back out to the garage only to find my bike on 'it's side. I'd previously moved it outside putting the tip of the side stand  on the edge of the concrete slope. The edge had crumbled and after all the rain we've had there was nothing else but very soft dirt. Checked it over quickly and it looked relatively unscathed. I am not generally superstitious, but this is when the thought crossed my mind about bad luck.
   I obviously did go out and had quite a pleasant ride, though still with mostly too much traffic around.
The road that runs between Bridport and Weymouth along the route of Chesil Beach and the Fleet Lagoon.
The lagoon was used for testing the bouncing bomb (the Dambusters) during WW II
Also you might just be able to see the 14th century St Catherine's chapel standing alone on the hill (just above centre of the pic)
  Got home without anymore incidents except that when I took my tank bag off I found that the flip up monza cap had ......................flipped up ! The leaking fuel had mostly settled underneath the bag having a slight negative effect on the paint which should cut back ok though the paint (that I applied out of a spray tin) on the l/h side panel looks like it's melted a little on one edge......hmnn, so it looks like it does run in three's

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