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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bristol MAG Custom and Classic show

Not sure if this of Chinese,Russsian or ? origin but it's not a BMW

Enfield Bobber

Ariel Arrow -pressed steel frame 2-stroke
and Puch with expansion chamber

Not my cup of tea,but makes a picture

My friend Barney's Convert (auto) If you click on and enlarge the picture you  might notice that the clutch and brake  lever and all switches are on the right as he only has one arm.

I see this out and about from time to time in the area where I live.
If you can read the info it has had 3 owners from new

I have been into town today to the Bristol branch of MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) bike show. I hadn't been for many years (due to usually being away), and had preconceived idea's as to what the majority of the bikes were going to be,but it's free and organised and run by volunteers. It's not quite as big as the Auto Italian day (cars and bikes) that is held in April each year. Here are a few of the bikes that I found of interest.

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  1. Hi Johnny, I am pretty sure the outfit is a Ural. It is owned by Dawn a long standing (no pun intended) MAG member who lost her right leg above the knee when an eighty year old man with dementia drove the wrong way down the M4.You will be pleased to know that he has successfully re-applied and received his driving license and is enjoying the freedom of the open road.