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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

On the subject of Bangs................

I bought this bike in the Summer of 96'. I can be definite about the year as I was on crutches at the time having had a car pull across in front of me. My own cafe racer style Guzzi had a slightly bent frame,very bent forks and one of the 'very nice' brembo fully floating discs broken in half amongst other things so I was on the lookout for a replacement. This bike was my pride and joy at the time using it as my main form of transport all year round.
Anyway I drove up from Bristol  to Nuneaton (near to Coventry where I am from and also the scene of the accident)
   When I was able to get back on a bike again the new purchase turned out to go really well,but was incredibly loud and I quite often felt very paranoid about attracting police attention.Probably why I left that HUGE number plate on so it would have been one less offence should I get stopped.
Well,sad to say I think that I only used the new bike for 2,000+mls before it went BANG.
The piston on the left of the picture was the result, though maybe I should have been forewarned as the one on the right came in the spare parts box that came upon collection of the bike.

The picture of the racer (late 80's) is who I bought the bike from.

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