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Friday, 24 August 2012

Guzzi Cafe Racer/ A Good Week in the Office.

It was definitely a positive thing getting the workbench cleared and the frame etc off to the powder coaters.
as this week I feel that I have achieved much.
My bike lift has proved to be more of a blessing than I thought as I was able to use it to lift the engine up to waist height making my life easier getting onto the workbench. I struggle noticeably these days if  I have to lift it off of the floor. 
Gearbox battery tray fixing point
I thought I was going to remove the broken stud,but thought the extractor  might break off so  decided to drill it out and put in an insert 

Good to have some of the correct tools for the job for the output shaft nut on the rear of the box.
Two different tools needed for the clutch hub nut at the front end.

All the gears look good. Two of the selector forks have one face with some wear  which is common due to poor  factory shimming. Gear selector return spring had a bad crack so replaced along with output/input seals

Piston crowns and cylinder heads all nicely clean  from a previous owner (been off the road 10+years) Had the  barrels off,which show no signs of wear. 

Correct tools come in handy again!
Removed clutch and flywheel to replace the rear crankshaft seal. After the amount of years it's stood  didn't want  risk  it leaking once the bike is back together. Friction plates had minimal wear, but replaced all the springs.
Also had the front timing cover off and fitted a automatic chain tensioner which will, apart from the obvious, help keep the engine a little quieter. Who remembers or can be bothered to adjust the original !

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