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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Noggin,Nash & Natter - Longbridge Deverill 2015

This event has apparently been running for 28 years.  I only heard about it 3 years ago and last night was my first visit and that nearly didn't happen as the late afternoon skies in Bristol were full of cloud and heavy sharp showers. Because of the earlier gloomy sky I set off later than I originally planned and after clearing the outskirts of Bath I was really glad to be out and thought to myself  "even if there is not much there I'm enjoying this anyway" My heart did sink a bit when I kept seeing plenty of Classic cars heading in the opposite direction to me. As it turned out there was still plenty on site and I have to say it was one of the better events of this year so far.
  For future reference it is held at The George pub on the A350 road to Shaftesbury and only a couple of miles from the junction of the A36. I believe that I've read that it is always the last Wednesday of July - 5pm to 10 pm.

Vauxhall Wyvern

A Bentley or two

Bristol 403

Gran Torino

Triumph TR3

The engine was running on this Vauxhall Victor and there was a lovely burble from
the short pipes,one of which can be seen exiting in front of the rear wheel 

Not much in the way of bikes with most of them being parked
on the street


  1. Bloody great. Great British meet. Love all the old lorries. That old rusty BSA is great too. Patina is the new black!

  2. Yes Adam,it just had a good feel to it and made a change to see such variety.

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