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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Moto Guzzi 1000S / Triumph Tiger XCX

Andy, from the near Penzance,Cornwall couriered his 1000S up to me a few weeks back because it wasn't running very well at all - out on the road it was holding back around 3.5 to 4,000rpm and  a general engine roughness below that,amongst a few other issues. It turned out that the points cam had seized solid so the automatic advance wasn't working and after a couple of days I had the Guzzi running quite sweetly.
   A couple of weeks later he came and picked up the Guzzi and rode it home,letting me know later how well it was running.
   Over the weeks and a few chats he'd mentioned that he had a Cali III which he was thinking of selling to make room for another more modern bike,but didn't know what to buy.  
   Anyway,now the Cali has gone and been replaced by a Triumph Tiger which was taking some getting used to with it's different power characteristics.
   He says "the 1000S is staying because the Triumph can't compete on the character and exhaust note"............and more people want to chat about the Guzzi than the Triumph !

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