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Friday, 14 August 2015

The French Connection

I mentioned a while back that my friend Joe had brought round a lot of photographs of one French man's vehicle collection. These were all taken quite a few years ago, so no doubt more have been added .
   I have quite a few pics, so will post more over the coming weeks

A rarity in it's own right Andy's Hesketh Vampire


  1. holy crap, did someone really ride an R12 out to go to that place?

  2. Hi, Apparently so, as I've just confirmed with my friend Joe that he also goes on it to Dijon, France - approx 700mls. He did own a Nimbus 750cc inline four and has done the Dijon trip on that too.
    His wife does the same trips on a Matchless.

  3. That Koeler thing by the bar is just stunning!

  4. Couldn't agree's my favourite !

  5. Couldn't agree's my favourite !