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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Guzzi project number 2

Finally got a start on another Guzzi project and it's NOT a Cafe Racer. I couldn't resist pulling it outside the workshop as the sun was shining, the sheep occasionally that little bit closer chomping away in the field,birds twittering a cup of tea and music drifting out from inside........oh yes and the quite frequent fast train shooting by. The most contented day I've had for quite a while..............Bliss !!
   Initially the worst I came across was a seized shock absorber bush until before leaving for home I decided to take a spark plug out and a peak down the hole didn't look too good either.
   I also must invest in one of those compact hydraulic bike lifts as they use for lighter weight ATV's and dirt bikes. What do I want that for as no good for a heavy weight Guzzi ? Well,I've realised that I 'm finally getting too old for lifting a complete engine up above waist height ! 

The good news - behind that ring gear a excellent condition lemans flywheel,
cyl heads, carbs on a Spada engine with Convert t/cover.

Not quite so good.

I knew it didn't look good and the next day I removed the heads.
Oh Dear !!

Not surprised that the other side was pretty much seized
but upon releasing both, this sides barrel has quite bad corrosion

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