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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bristol Auto Italia Day 2015

It was this years Italian Car and Bike day again yesterday. 
  The general opinion seems to be that there were fewer cars and bikes on display which may have b een due to a poor weather forecast for the weekend. The morning did indeed start off a little grey and on the cooler side,but by late morning blue skies started to appear which this event tends to usually be blessed with each year.
  A few pics below that give anybody who hasn't been an idea of what it's about.
  Look back at my posts for April 2014 / 2013 for pics from previous years events

I just don't get this at all !

Steve's Magni - Forever a Classic 

Nick's Guzzi Cafe and his mate Mark's customised T3
Pete's Mille with V7 Sport styling - he's now building the real thing which all started when he acquired
a genuine frame,part engine etc.
Behind is Sean's 1000S

Tony's commuter Guzzi, affectionately called S***box
and Kay's V7 Cafe

1937 Lancia Aprilia owned by the same person since 1964

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