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Monday, 20 April 2015

Guzzi - Ducati and Classic Car Collection

I've been back in contact with a friend who I lost touch with for many years. I have posted pics of his collection,mostly,Guzzi,but a few Ducati's too before. He acquired most of these approx 15 years ago. In these intervening years and since retiring he has once again started to collect cars and has put together quite a impressive collection. I think he has over 20 cars including this dedicated MG garage. Sadly the bikes have suffered a little neglect and so need chrome parts replacing etc. This he intends to do now that he has moved them into their own space..........above the cars !
 Hopefully in the coming months I will pay him a visit and get to see it all in the flesh.
I'll have one of those,one of those and  I might as well
take one those too please.....Oh and while I'm at it I'll have my old
Raceco/Chris Clarke Race Bike back too please !
The latter is at the very end of the line up 


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