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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dellorto carb - snapped off starter jet

After coming to a halt with my main Guzzi project and the disappointment of not being able to take my seat, that I've modified slightly - from another project - for covering I thought I'd take a look at why the Mille was not a happy starter. 
  I bought the Mille approx a year ago and haven't done a thing to it. Anyway,took both the float bowls off and immediately spotted a missing starter jet in the r/h carb. Well,it turned out that it wasn't missing completely,but had broken off. Struggling to find a small enough extractor I just thought I'd try if I could somehow lodge a small screwdriver into the remains. I couldn't believe my luck when it starting moving and within seconds it was out. I found the correct replacement in my Dellorto spares stock and with fresh petrol,
Broken off starter jet in the bottom hole

It had snapped jaggedly around the holes which
was handy for the screwdriver to locate

a charged battery the bike fired up,initially on one cylinder and then minutes later the second kicked in.
   Still running rough low down and it wouldn't tick over,so I adjusted the mixture screws and got a result. I ran it up and down outside the workshop and then put the vacuum gauges on it. With a bit of adjustment of the tick over screws and mixture screws it's now so much better and will do for now and probably no point in trying to get it any better as the standard airbox connecting tubes don't look like they will be sealing properly anyway.
   Not sure when I'll be getting onto it as a project so I've drained the carbs and given inside the float bowl area a spray with carb cleaner.

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