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Friday, 6 June 2014

Triton Cafe Racer

A Dutch gentleman called Gerald contacted me a while back asking about a Alloy tank and seat that I had on one of my earlier Guzzi cafe racers. In the course of a few emails he mentioned that he was just finishing off a Triton build before embarking on his own Guzzi project. "Send me some pics when the Triton is finished" I said, and here they are.
   T100 engine in a nickel plated featherbed frame with magnesium manx brakes and yokes holding Roadholder forks. T140 cyl head on top of 750 alloy nicasil barrels,Dirt Track crank,Titanium valves,high comp pistons,billet rods,Newby Clutch and Belt. Alloy bodywork and Vincent speedo
Good looking and I bet a lot fun !

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