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Monday, 23 June 2014

Moto Guzzi V7 Racer Ride

I came across this,to me,fascinating video footage -on the post below - the other day and I'd say it's well worth a watch if you are interested in seeing how suspension is supposed to work.
 It's a V7 Racer fitted with a 'Muppo Fork kit' It looks to me that if you are into riding your bike at a quick pace,other than just on Motorways,that this kit or something similar is the way to go.
  As I have heard many times over the years ' It makes more sense to get your suspension sorted before you spend more money on gaining extra bhp' 
 My friend Tony and I have ridden with Todd - Guzzitech - on similar roads in those Malibu hills and he is a very quick rider / ex racer which is an advantage of course,but getting your own suspension improved would help your enjoyment / safety just that little bit more.
  Todd is also now doing B&B and Guzzi Rentals from his Malibu there's a thought !

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