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Monday, 9 June 2014

Guzzi Cafe down to Dorset

I got out for a pleasant spin yesterday down to,first Lyme Regis onto Bridport / West Bay and then across to Weymouth and then back home a total of 201 miles. Even the traffic wasn't, for the most part, too bad either,though sadly the same can't be said for the state of the roads.  I know they've been getting worse and worse as the years go by,but yesterday I just seemed to notice them more..........a lot of quite deep and dangerous looking potholes including a number on bends where you could hit them while banked over,which could be interesting. Just what you need to now look out for, on top of the usual manhole covers. Actually on the way home,with only 20 miles to go, I did hit a slightly sunken manhole cover while banked over at approx 50 mph which caused the start of a tank slapper and the thought went through my mind that I was going to end up on the floor in a heap. Luckily I didn't.....phew !
Lyme Regis

West Bay

One of my favourite views - The Fleet Lagoon
and Chesil Beach 

To the left of the Fleet Lagoon
is the 14th century St Catherine's Chapel
standing alone at Abbotsbury

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