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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sixto Rodriguez - Searching For Sugar Man

We watched a fascinating programme last night - Searching for Sugar Man - about a American singer / songwriter / musician called Sixto Rodriguez who found minor Fame in the 70's seemingly dropping in and out of obscurity. Highly revered in South Africa during the Apartheid years and apparently with a certain amount of success,particularly, in Australia too,amongst a few other places.
   I personally feel that a very great talent has generally gone largely unnoticed............certainly by myself.....even if,as I have been reading,he has had a a little more exposure worldwide in these last few years . Back in the 70's it isn't probably what I would have listened to anyway,but these days it is and even my better half, Madelyn,who rarely likes any of my musical tastes, was foot tapping away ! 

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